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Log Houses – Treasures To Be Treasured

Log houses are treasures to be treasured for their numbers have gone down badly. One reason for this is its diminishing popularity to the advancing technology of the present day modernized world. Another reason is the strict laws and regulations against cutting down of trees. Though these log houses help us lead a natural living without chemicals and mimicked amenities, the very source for this huge numbers of logs for the construction of log houses is from the Mother Nature. The reduction in the number of trees for this purpose is a great danger to nature which might lead to other environmental and drastic climatic changes. This needs no further explanations for we are already facing the consequences in the form of tsunamis, floods, drought, extreme climates etc which is nothing but the forms of the rage of nature.

Though we cannot enjoy the benefits of a log house in a concrete jungle, it is one viable option for saving nature to be in its greenery. The very thought of planting a sapling for a tree brought down does not solve the purpose of maintaining the greenery and freshness in nature for this sapling might take years together to become a tree and till then the land remains devoid of its benefits. The proof for this decreasing numbers of log houses is the museums because this is a place for all that is lost and looted from us and you will be able to see the log houses here denoting that they will shortly become extinct.
There are only a few living examples for this and preservation of those is of utmost importance now. This regular maintenance would preserve and extend their lifetime to a little longer. One major caution while residing in a log house is to maintain it damp free Buying a house: 50+ house-buying tips - MoneySavingExpert.

Dampness is a big peril to such log houses for they might damage the entire structure from the base. Another great danger is the scorching sun and the extremely hot climates. Now to avoid or probably stop them to an extent is by having a huge overhead for the house. Yes, this overhead should be a little extended so that it can safeguard the house from the drops of water falling to the Earth in the form of rain and also the merciless UV rays falling on the house.
But most of the builders or the house owners make the mistake of keeping these overheads smaller to save on the laddering costs. But remember by cutting down cost on this you will land up paying more in future for the maintenance of the entire house. A house is an asset and when it is one like a log house, it is to be treasured to the maximum for it is natural and has more benefits than the artificial, concrete ones. So do not hesitate to invest more on this because it is worth spending.

Construction of log houses
For a log house to look beautiful and enticing and to last for longer, it is very important that it is constructed and erected properly with due care and respect since the very base for the entire structure is from Mother Nature. The first thing that goes into its cautious construction is the types of trees from which the wood is procured. This is very important because there are many types of trees but not all of them are best picks for house constructions. So try to get the best logs for the construction of the best houses from the best dealers.

This is a simple step. Hand over the entire construction plan to a reliable builder for he is one with complete knowledge about this and can assist in selections and best picks for the house.
Construction of such log houses has to be done very carefully because it is full of wood and needs to be done with extra caution. See to that the base for the house is laid strong and sturdy since this is going to hold the full structure on its head. Cut the differently sized logs to a specific size and try to join and connect them properly to make the corners of the house. Then slowly raise them to the top with a proper over cover.  A proper, slow and step by step construction plan would come out with the best-built houses.